Welcome to Kappa Language School!

Alright, we did it!

We finally decided to enrich our website with a full-functioning blog! This is the first post so don’t expect anything special, just our students giving you the warmest welcome you can get!

3 thoughts on “Welcome to Kappa Language School!

  1. Ciao Alessia e Felice Anno Nuovo, Kappa scuola !! Viaggiando attraverso l’Italia, qualche mese fa, ero alla ricerca di una scuola per rafforzare il mio italiano e ottenere in qualche pratica a diventare più fluente nel parlare la lingua. Come fortuna ha voluto che mi sono imbattuto la Scuola Kappa e Alessia y Non posso esprimere abbastanza gratitudine per Alessia e Kappa per la calorosa accoglienza nella scuola. I enrolled in one-on-one tutoring sessions, with Kappa, and from Day 1, was immersed in the language and culture of Italy. My instructor was an excellent Teacher, patient in building real-life experiences into the translation of words and phrases; which made it much easier, to not only remember the translations, but to identify with Italian Language and culture, through my own experiences while vacationing in Roma! At the end of each, daily session, I left with worksheets which allowed me to apply what I learned during class, to my time out-and-about, enjoying the City of Roma! Kappa School is now a permanent fixture, when visiting Rome! Not only is Kappa a great School, the Staff are genuinely kind, compassionate, professional and good-hearted individuals!

    Grazie mille, ansioso di vedervi tutti nel 2015.

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