Definitely, this could have been written by one of our students. One of those who truly understood what “italianism” is…

Crossing Borders

I’ve been living in Europe for over a month now. Time is flying by, and so far things have gone extremely well! I’ve spent a good amount of money — all for good reasons — and have had an outstanding trip thus far. But, this past weekend, I had a bit of a setback. Even in hindsight I can’t quite put my finger on what was wrong, but I was off. I know, poor me, living in Italy and I happened to have a bad day, boo-hoo.

Seriously though, I’m very in tune with my emotions and my mood and when something is off, I naturally look for a reason why. I’m a constant work in progress, and progress is only made through change. So Sunday I spent all day just chillin’. It was hard, but after a long day of doing not much of anything, and a nice conversation…

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