Pepperoni Pizza, also known as in Italy ” Pizza alla Diavola”.

Just a little reminder: in Italy *pepperoni* could not be what you might expect.


Small note.

I was speaking with my flatmate and he asked meif I wantedapepperoni pizza, he immediately correct his question in ” Do you want an American pizza”?  I laughed so much, however, he gave me an Idea for this post.

if you go to in Italy, and, of course, you will go to a pizzeria.
Do not ask the waitress/waiter, “It might bring us a pepperoni pizza” imagine this here


because heshecouldunderstandthis.


In Italy it is called “Pizza alla Diavola ” (Pizzadevilled), it is just an advice for you, if you want it, in Italy, we call it in this way.

Well, now let’s see what for the Italian people are the Peperoni, they are these.


Pepperoni with double P is an American variety of salami, no Italian. similar to the spicy salamis of…

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