A long day with plenty of churches

In Rome we use to say that we have more churches than houses. Judging by this blogger’s experience, the proverb doesn’t seem to be so far from reality…

Europe Fall 2014 - exploration, education, adventure.

Today was field trip day, and it may have also been what felt like the longest day I’ve lived through during my time here in Rome. I’m thoroughly exhausted, but I had the opportunity to see and learn about so much incredible things here in the city which I’m living in.

First, the plan was to go to St. Pete’s Basilica in Vatican City. However, because there was a papal audience this morning, we knew we would be unable to physically make it inside the church to check it out, so we decided to go to our other stops first. (which was slightly inconvenient as they were on opposite sides of the city and we had to take the metro for close to 30 minutes) But we began our learning adventure with my presentation of the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore. I had the wonderful privilege of extensively researching and…

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