Nino Manfredi, a Roman Legend


From November, 13th to January, 6th Palazzo Braschi will host a must-see exhibition about Nino Manfredi’s life and works.

Nino Manfredi (1921-2004) was one of most important and popular actors of Italian cinema. He achieved fame as a character actor, personifying many tipical figures of the Eternal City, both of the present and of the past time: he played the role of the roman satyrical poet Pasquino in the historical movie Nell’anno del Signore, directed by Luigi Magni, and was a corrupt policeman in Fausto Tozzi’s Trastevere. But, although his fame seems to be closely linked to his Roman origins, troughout his long career he proved to be able to perform in severalNino_Manfredi_-_La_panzanella vernacular idioms: in Ettore Scola’s masterpiece Brutti, sporchi e cattivi he played the role of Giacinto Mazzatella, a pugliese immigrant living in the dreary and depressing scenario of the roman slums of the early 70s; moreover, his performance of Tuscan Geppetto in Luigi Comencini’s TV adaptation of the immortal novel Pinocchio is commonly judged as unforgettable. Being a singer and a director too, he recorded some famous hits in Roman dialect, such as Tanto pe’ canta’, and directed the autobiographical movie Per grazia ricevuta.

To celebrate tenth anniversary of his passing, his family arranged a traveling exhibit with videos, unreleased snapshots from his movies, soundtracks and a documentary, directed by his son Luca, to retrace career and private life of this great artist. The exhibition integrates a set of initiatives which are being held throughout Italy.

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