Where to study Italian language in Manila

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Today, I reviewed My Stats to look at the search terms people use to see my blog. I came over something that says ”where to study Italian in manila”. I think I never really posted on that one yet. One reason, I never really studied Italian while I was still in the Philippines. But fortunately, I am working on my school documents to be recognized here and the Italian Embassy recommended to me two offices which do translation of English documents from the Philippines to Italian language. Anyway, to cut the long story short, one of them is now included in my contacts and they just sent me an e-mail for the holidays about a gift certificate for studying Italian. The name of the organization is Societa Dante Alighieri-Manila.  It is also authorized to issue the PLIDA (Progetto Lingua Italiana Dante Alighieri) certifying that the holder is proficient in the Italian…

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“Any given Christmas” in Italy, part 2

A few days ago we posted an article about an hilarious viral video-parody of Christmas in Italy seen by the most famous italian movie directors. The clip turned out to be part of a viral campaign about a new Christmas comedy called, surprise surprise! “Ogni maledetto Natale”.

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L’oroscopo: non è vero ma ci credo!

Italians are definitely one the most superstitious people in Europe. From popular religion to the akward and sometimes criminal business of professional foretelling, when it comes to approaching magic, horoscopes, card-reading and faith the Italian way seems to be well epitomized by the saying “non è vero ma ci credo” (“it’s not true, but I believe it”), which by the way gave the title to a legendary three act piece by Peppino De Filippo.

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The arabic origin of the Italian eggplant

Most peaple may not be aware that in the Italian lexicon there are about 1671 words borrowed from languages that were spoken within the borders of the Caliphate and, later on, of the Ottoman Empire (namely Arabic, Persian, Ottoman Turkish).

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My final day in Rome – a bittersweet moment

Europe Fall 2014 - exploration, education, adventure.

Today was my last day in Rome… I’m still unsure how I feel about this, in all honesty. In some ways I’m more than ready to be home. For example, if I could skip the 10 hour flight back to America, I would! However, I’ve grown to love it here. It’s taken a full three months to fully appreciate all I’ve got in this beautiful city, but Rome is amazing and I’m very sad to be leaving it behind for a long while. I experienced such a broad range of emotions today, and though I can’t fully process them all myself, I’m happy that today worked out the way that it did, it was nearly perfect.

This morning was my final day of classes! Hallelujah, praise the Lord! All we had to finish was our presentations for the group blog projects we’ve been working on all semester. Once those were…

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