My final day in Rome – a bittersweet moment

Europe Fall 2014 - exploration, education, adventure.

Today was my last day in Rome… I’m still unsure how I feel about this, in all honesty. In some ways I’m more than ready to be home. For example, if I could skip the 10 hour flight back to America, I would! However, I’ve grown to love it here. It’s taken a full three months to fully appreciate all I’ve got in this beautiful city, but Rome is amazing and I’m very sad to be leaving it behind for a long while. I experienced such a broad range of emotions today, and though I can’t fully process them all myself, I’m happy that today worked out the way that it did, it was nearly perfect.

This morning was my final day of classes! Hallelujah, praise the Lord! All we had to finish was our presentations for the group blog projects we’ve been working on all semester. Once those were…

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