La Dolce Vita

London Style Brief

IMG_1394 The outdoor pool @Rome Cavalieri, Waldorf Astoria

Federico Fellini referred to Rome as a living film set. The Rome Cavalieri proves it. No, this is not a part of Cinecitta studios however the opulence, grandeur and sheer over the top magnificence of the place may make you think twice. Once you’re done uncovering modern day Rome and the history that is so ever present, it’s time to drive out 30 minutes from the centre. As you go up the spiralling streets to a hilltop in Montemario, overlooking The Vatican and with amazing views of the city, you will uncover 15 acres of breathtaking splendour. A visit during the festive period is highly recommended as it ensures the hotel is decorated to the nines (I shudder to think what their monthly lighting bill is) and at night gives you that extra va-va-voom that makes you feel like you’re in the middle…

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