The Holidays in Rome

Travelling with Lyn

My friend Marina, who lives in California has just returned home from spending Christmas and New Years in Rome. Marina has very generously shared her story and photos with me for my blog.

Markets are a time for indulging in holiday treats and Yuletide joy.

Nothing evokes the spirit of the holidays like strolling through the fabled Christmas Markets, or as the Italians would say “Mercatino di Natale” of Old World Europe with a steaming cup of cappuccino in hand, as you intake the mad rush of tourists mixed in with locals all in the holiday spirit, looking for that special one-of-a-kind gift for that special person

It is a picturesque scene right out of a children’s storybook with thousands of sparkling lights strewn across stalls stacked with Christmas tree decorations, wooden toys, handmade arts and crafts, candles and ceramics. Here in Rome, the romance and magic of a traditional holiday is alive and well. The beautiful Vatican with its giant Christmas tree and nativity set…

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