The Italian Pantry: How to Italianise a corner of your kitchen

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Happy New Year to everyone!!

As I am now on my Christmas holidays I am borrowing from another fantastic blog from Italy Magazine for this month.  Happy holidays and Christmas season to all.  Will be back blogging soon!


After spending a year in Italy studying its cuisine, in 1954 Elizabeth David wrote what is still considered one of the most comprehensive, if not the first English book about Italian cookery. This seminal work is called simply, “Italian Food”. The book has been reprinted over the years and still sells many copies in the United Kingdom – a testament to the great research and writing of the author.

If you are a fan of Italian food and enjoy preparing it at home, Elizabeth David stresses the importance of keeping an Italian larder – or pantry, for our American friends! Another bastion of Italian cooking is the talented Antonio Carluccio, who…

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3 thoughts on “The Italian Pantry: How to Italianise a corner of your kitchen

  1. Hi and thank you Kappa Language school for re-blogging my blog. I like yours too! I refer you to my book ‘Roman Daze – La dolce vita for all seasons’ as a possibly interesting book for you to recommend to your students. It provides insights into Italian culture, food and language from someone who has lived and worked in Italy for nearly two decades and from someone who is also a Social Anthropologist (the study of culture). It reveals parts of Rome that are off the tourist track and is a great resource in learning how to live in and adapt to the wonderful city of Rome and Italy! It can be purchased from the FAO bookstore, Rome or from Amazon

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    • Hello Bronté and thank you for your message! Your book looks very interesting indeed, and your blog too is absolutely lovely. We would actually love to publish an excerpt of your book in order to promote it, both on our blog and our fb page. Do you have any suggestions? Could you send us something to publish (on your name and with clear references to you and your blog)?
      In any case, we will surely advice our students to buy your book. Cheers! 🙂


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