Lessons in Perspective

Goodrich Goes Global

Perspective fascinates me. Your view of an object changes completely when you take four steps to the left or go up another level. You can also change your opinion or your thought process and come up with a brand new creation. This weekend taught me quite a few lessons in perspective.

On Friday, we made our way to Teatro Argentino for an afternoon showing of a one-man play about Italian playwright Primo Levi, an Auschwitz survivor. The play was in Italian, but German was thrown in here and there. Then we went to go see Shakespeare’s “Merchant of Venice.” Again, it was all in Italian. However, the interactions of characters made it a bit easier to figure out what was going on, once I knew which character was which. I also knew the general premise and plot, so I understood why the actors were behaving the way they were.

It was a really small theater, but pretty cozy. It was a…

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