Italy blogs that help you go from Tourist to Traveler.

Married to Italy

No one wants to be a tourist, but everyone wants to travel. Everyone wants “the local experience” without actually being local. So, how does that work out? Well, more and more, I think we’re seeing a big difference between The Tourist and The Traveler.

The Tourist tends to organize his/her trip around guidebook suggestions and the list of what must be “done”:

“First we did Rome; then we did Florence; then we finished by doing Venice for two days.”

What did you do to them?! Bomb them? Wear them as clothing? Have sex with them? Or just check them off some prescribed notion of a list of things one must DO in Italy?

Ok, so I’m a bit harsh towards the average tourist. But the verb to do in place of to go to is just lazy, bad English. Plus, it sounds really condescending to non native speakers. How would you…

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