How to text like an Italian teenager :)

Truly, Madly, Italy

The Italians aren’t known for their fondness for brevity. Keeping things snappy isn’t one of their strengths. Official documents rarely feature bullet points or numbered lists, preferring the long-hand approach, where everything is eel-aaa-boooooooooo-raaaaaaaa-ted- on in rather a lot of (extraneous) detail. At least to an English eye/ear. However, la bella lingua, in its defence, presumably only became cosi bella owing to centuries of practise of this very mode of expression, which is, well, lengthy if poetic. So it seems nothing short of miraculous that the Italians, too, have SMS. Why? Well S (don’t tell an Italian this) stands for SHORT does it not? As in ‘short messaging service’. Shocking.

I’ve only had an Italian mobile phone for about 6 months. I kept my previous (Irish) contract running for a while, as, you know, having no friends, what would I be doing with a mobile phone? Texting all my…

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