Tuscan Wine & Vine Proverbs

Veni Vidi Vino - Italian Wine and Wine Culture

tuscanvinesTuscany is a region rich with wine, food, and history so it should come as no surprise that it has so many of its very own wine related proverbs!  Here’s a small collection of just some of them.  For other Italian proverbs involving food or wine, take a look at my previous post: Fun with Italian Wine Proverbs.

Un canestro d’uva non fa vendemmia.
Literally= A basket of grapes doesn’t make/mean a harvest.
Meaning: This seems rather close to the English proverb “One swallow doesn’t a summer make.”  In other words, don’t get too excited or assume too much too fast.

A chi piace il bere, parla sempre di vino.
Literally= Those who like to drink, always speak about wine.
Meaning:  As far as I have understood, this is a pretty straightforward proverb.  But part of me wonders if it isn’t also poking some fun at the…

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