The poetry of food-packaging in Italy

Truly, Madly, Italy

Today I bring you a fleeting but fine example of how the Italians never miss an opportunity to be poetic. Be that through their graffiti (always heart-rending), their journalism (often creative) or their food-packaging (quite possibly life-changing). A biscuit in Italy is not just a biscuit. Oh no, it’s an opportunity “to unite the family (over breakfast I should add – biccies in Italy, are strictly a breakfast item – I now have my head fully around that concept, but trust me, it took some time) ..…to revisit an older, truer age, where one can experience the unspoilt pleasures of nature’s fruits offered up by learned custodians of the land… or such-like.

It can be pretty heavy, evocative stuff. Which brings me to the ham. Ok, so ham in Italy isn’t ham, well it is – I mean obviously it’s HAM, but it’s just not ham in the…

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