Demonstrate Your Knowledge

Free Basic Italian

It’s time to get demonstrative!

The foundation to learning basic Italian is knowing grammar and the parts of speech in your own language. What is a demonstrative pronoun?

A demonstrative pronoun substitutes a noun. They often related to distance and time – this, that, these, those, etc.

A demonstrative adjective indicates something specific – this, that, these, those, etc.

That’s why we have to be careful… the same words are on both lists.

But the pronoun can stand on its own. The adjective needs a noun.

He had this. (pronoun)

That book is boring. (adjective)

In Italian

Quello – that one – pronoun

Quel libro – That book – adjective


Masculine: quel, quello, or quell’ proceeds a noun, quello without a noun

Feminine: quella or quell’ proceed a non, quella without a noun

Quella chiesa, quell’auto (fem), quel cane, quello studente, quelle scarpe…

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