Say it with flowers


Look at these sunflowers and think of the sun!

Have you been invited to the party of someone you don’t know well and have no idea what to get him/her? Well, keep calm and don’t panic. All of us know that flowers are universally appreciated gifts. So if you will bring with you a bunch of flowers, surely you will not look foolish. But if the host is Italian, be careful not to buy a bouquet of chrysanthemums, you will make a bad impression… This is because in Italy chrysanthemums symbolize death and are linked to November 2nd – il giorno dei morti -, when people commemorate their deads leaving chrysanthemums on their graves. On the other hand, sunflowers are usually associated to happiness, probably because their yellow petals remind us the light of the sun and the joy of living:)

Furthermore, if you are going to go out for a romantic dinner, make sure to have a bouquet of roses and pay attention to their colour: red roses represent love and passion, but yellow roses are symbol of jealousy and white roses are associated to pureness and innocence – that’s why white roses are usually used for bridal bouquets.

Moreover, some flowers are associated to specific events. For example, pink roses or a pink azalea plant are perfect gifts for the Mother’s Day (celebrated in Italy the second Sunday of May), red flowers for a degree and mimosa flowers to celebrate the International Women’s Day (on March 8th). And don’t forget to taste the Mimosa cake, which takes its name from the sponge cake crumbled over its surface. Trust me: this cake is delicious and it really looks like a bouquet of bright mimosa:)

Read the original article on Kappa Language School’s website.


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