La Pajata Returns to Rome: A Guide to (the real) Roman Cuisine 


La Pajata has finally returned to roman menus. I don’t like the dish but I’m a traditionalist and like to see cucina romana (roman cuisine) and culinary traditions preserved.

So, what exactly is La Pajata, you may be thinking?

It’s a dish prepared with the intestines of unweaned baby calves. So given they’ve only been feeding off their mothers milk, their intestines are full of the stuff and when cooked it’s like fresh ricotta pours out. La Pajata is usually served pan fried or with rigatoni in a tomato sauce.

But enter Mad Cow’s Disease around 14 years ago and the European Union declared the disha banned food item in restaurants. After a few months of negotiation, the ban has been lifted and from here on, we will slowly see it return to the menu (even though it never completely disappeared, circulating a little quietly on the black…

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