Top ten reasons to be Italian (and live in Italy) cont.

Roman Life - Food, fountains and fabulous Romans

Today’s continuation of Top ten reasons to be Italian (and live it Italy).

4.  You get to eat the BEST and BIGGEST Easter Eggs ever!

Image result for italian easter eggsImage result for italian easter eggs

Easter is taken seriously in Italy, and nowhere more so than with the giving and receiving of Easter Eggs.  They are the most colorful, ornate and decorated eggs I have ever seen!

5.  You get to lay down in the middle of the day.

Yes the siesta is alive and well.  And before you scoff just remember that Italy is one of the G8 countries which means it is one of the 8 most productive countries in the world.  (Confirming research that shows sleep and work/life balance actually contributes to sustainable effort) .  At 1.00pm until 4.00pm each day all shops and professional services (lawyers, dentists, doctors, accountants) shut their doors to partake in an appropriate lunch (Top 10 reason no.1) and then…

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Top ten reasons to be Italian! (and live in Italy)

Roman Life - Food, fountains and fabulous Romans

1.  You get to savour lunch!

I have noticed the lunch hour, and even the concept of lunch, is dying out in many post industrial countries.  Not so in Italy, the inventor of the Slow Food movement.   In Italy lunch begins at 1.00pm.  Not 12.30 or 1.10 but 1.00pm.  No one questions you or where you are going at that hour.  Everyone knows.  It’s lunch time.  Lunch occurs mostly sitting down, mostly with company but not looked on strangely if it is taken alone.  It involves at least two courses, is followed by a coffee (cafe/short black) and a gentle walk.  It never occurs while walking or working.  If a good, nuturing and sustaining lunch is what you desire then pretend to be Italian for a day and take it!



2.  You can eat pasta every day.

Not just for special occasions or only after you have laboured…

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5 ways living abroad changes you for the better

Truly, Madly, Italy

As I’ve previously discussed on this blog, I didn’t do a huge amount of preparation for expat life. I didn’t give too much thought to the practical difficulties, the language barrier, or indeed the many positives that would emerge from such a big life-change. I’m only 17 months’ in to this journey and it can be hard to see the positives as positives, as there is so much growth involved  – and with growth comes growing pains. But, on a good day, I step back and, emerging from the fog, see 5 key changes to be happy about. Do you agree? Anything to add? Please leave a comment (see top or bottom of post).

1. You learn humility

In your previous life, you knew it all. You whizzed, deftly and expertly, through your professional, home and social life. Here, by contrast, you’re Bridget Jones in that playboy bunny suit on…

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Roma città aperta, racconto corale del coraggio della Resistenza (B2-C1)

Buon 25 aprile a tutti, viva la Resistenza!


25 aprile 1

Oggi è la Festa della Liberazione. La festa della memoria. La festa del coraggio degli italiani che il 25 aprile 1945 si ribellarono alla dominazione tedesca ponendo gli invasori di fronte al dilemma “arrendersi o perire“. A settanta anni da quel giorno oggi si celebra l’audacia di quegli uomini e quelle donne che hanno sacrificato la loro vita per affermare i valori e gli ideali della democrazia. Uomini e donne che hanno imbracciato le armi per portare l’Italia fuori dall’orrore del ventennio fascista.

ribellarono (rebelled – se révoltèrent) arrendersi o perire (surrender or die – capitulation ou mourir) affermare (to uphold – défendre) imbracciato le armi (have taken up arms – ont pris les armes)

Una scena del film Una scena del film

Dopo la firma dell’armistizio, l’8 settemebre 1943, per l’Italia non è ancora la fine di un incubo. inizia un periodo tanto buio quanto gli anni della guerra. Il nord è…

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#WeAreTheGreatBeauty, the thousand souls of Rome in one photo contest

On the occasion of the grand opening of our new headquarters in Via del Boschetto, 32, we are happy to launch the photo contest #WeAreTheGreatBeauty, focused on the relationship between Rome, romans and foreigners.


Participation is free of charge and open to everyone. The participation deadline is May, 20th 2015.

The contest is sponsored by Municipal Department of Culture and Tourism, Biblioteche di Roma and Dante Aligheri Society. Furthermore, the whole event will be followed by Radio Roma Capitale FM 93.00.

The best photographs will be exhibited and published.

Please read our terms and conditions and submit your photos!

We are really looking forward to take a look at Rome and its thousand souls and color from your point of view!

Should an Italian Prime Minister Speak Fluent English?

J Sanders: Avvocato Americano

I would imagine that the initial responses to the question “Should an Italian Prime Minister speak fluent English?” will be varied.  I’m sure some would say “no” because he’s the leader of an Italian-speaking nation.  Others might say “yes” because English is the language of several of Italy’s closest allies and the language of international business.  It’s certainly a debatable point with no clear answer.

The reason I raise this question is that Matteo Renzi, the young Italian Prime Minister, has tried to improve his nation’s ties to the United States by showing comfort with English and American culture.  He even came to Charlotte, North Carolina for the Democratic National Convention in 2012.  Most recently, he attempted to show off his English language skills at the White House by leaving an English language message in the guestbook.  (Yeah, I didn’t know there was a guestbook at the White House either….is…

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