A brand new spring!

logo-definitivo-0.5We have a lot of exciting surprises in store for this spring!
First of all… a new logo and new headquarters!

Starting from May, 4th, Kappa Language School will move to an historical, marvellous building in Via del Boschetto, 32, in the ‪‎Monti‬ neighbourhood. It will be a great chance for us to improve the quality of the services we provide, and for all of our student to get even more in touch with the magical atmosphere of ‪#‎Rome‬’s city center.

3475823371_ecd8a55073_b boschetto-str-co2m10b Rione-Monti-3

Coming soon… a brand new website, a grand opening, lots of events, new ‪‎Italian‬ language courses and special offers.
Stay tuned and remember: every word you learn is a Great Beauty to us.


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