Should an Italian Prime Minister Speak Fluent English?

J Sanders: Avvocato Americano

I would imagine that the initial responses to the question “Should an Italian Prime Minister speak fluent English?” will be varied.  I’m sure some would say “no” because he’s the leader of an Italian-speaking nation.  Others might say “yes” because English is the language of several of Italy’s closest allies and the language of international business.  It’s certainly a debatable point with no clear answer.

The reason I raise this question is that Matteo Renzi, the young Italian Prime Minister, has tried to improve his nation’s ties to the United States by showing comfort with English and American culture.  He even came to Charlotte, North Carolina for the Democratic National Convention in 2012.  Most recently, he attempted to show off his English language skills at the White House by leaving an English language message in the guestbook.  (Yeah, I didn’t know there was a guestbook at the White House either….is…

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