Orotografia/ Le sillabe GNA/GNIA e SCE/ SCIE


Con o senza la i? È la domanda che gli studenti si fanno più spesso quando si trovano davanti ai gruppi sillabici GNA/GNIA e SCE/SCIE.

In italiano, il gruppo sillabico GN- non vuole mai la i: ragnatela, cicogna, lavagna, ignaro, vigna, vigneto.

Fanno eccezione solo la parola compagnia, la 1a persona plurale del presente indicativo (per esempio, bagniamo), la 1a e la 2a persona plurale del presente congiuntivo (per esempio, che noi disegniamo, che voi disegniate).

La sillaba SCE/SCIE

Anche la sillaba -SCE- si scrive sempre senza la i: per esempio, pesce, bisce, scegliere, scenario.

Alcune parole però fanno eccezione e si scrivono con la i: coscienza, scie, scienza, usciere.

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Italian style

6b4d30bcf339619b87d5d48399908641 Italian Style

Every now and then I do take a vacation. My family is from Italy both sides my mother and my father as well. Maybe that is why I love my career fashion and interior design. If you ever get the chance or you do get to go to Italy for business or just to visit, you will have an amazing time rich with culture. I do have a pinterest board all about Italian fashion, and culture:

Ever since I was a little girl going to Italy to visit my grandmother was a place for me to recharge my batteries, stop thinking about work, friends, boyfriends daily drama and to embrace life. The Italians know how to live…they take 2 hour lunches and have almost 1 month off for vacation. The way of life the Italian way is always be in style and own the world but also take…

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Italian Lifestyle ~ Photo of the Day


Local Italian men  discussing important issues in the early evening in the small Puglia town of Squinzano.

Local Italian men in Squinzano, Puglia discussing important issues of the day ~ Photo by Margie Miklas

What do you think these men are talking about?

Did you notice that the women are conspicuously missing? Where are they and what are they doing?

I’d love to know what your think. Please leave a comment and share your thoughts. Grazie.

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My Latest Italian Adventure ~ A Sneak Peak of Upcoming Articles

Timeless Italy Travels

4 bella donne....my travel companions in Venice where we began our exciting adventures. With me are Margie Miklas, Ishita Shood and Victoria DiMaio, all fellow Italy bloggers.4 Bella Donne….my travel companions in Venice where we began our exciting adventures. With me are Margie Miklas, Ishita Sood and Victoria DiMaio, all fellow Italy bloggers.

My Italian adventure was so much more than I ever imagined. After being home four days, I am still reeling from 3 1/2 weeks of experiences with new friends that will remain with me for a lifetime. What began as acquaintances that developed over a period of time on twitter, became solid friendships as we took the plunge and decided to meet in person and have an Italian adventure together. I couldn’t have had a more satisfying, bonding time. I love these ladies, and they will always hold a special place in my heart.

Through them I had the opportunity to meet many of the local people. I found each one to be warm and welcoming, willing to pull me right…

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New HQ Grand Opening!

On Saturday June 20th, we had the pleasure of hosting the Grand Opening of our new HQ located in the wonderful area of Monti, Via del Boschetto, 32. On the occasion, we also exhibited the winning photograph of the #WeAreTheGreatBeauty photo contest: Livia Hengel with “All eyes on Italy”, Stefania Marchini with “Roma no problem” and Valentina Iosco with “Piazza San Pietro”.

Livia Hengel Stefania Marchini-romanoproblem Valentina Iosco - piazza-san-pietro

Thank you to all of the members of the community that attended the event, it was a great success! Also, we would like to give a special thanks to Biblioteche di Roma, Rome Municipality (Assessorato Cultura e Turismo), Dante Alighieri Society and Radio Roma Capitale (in the person of Paolo Cento) for their sponsorship. We hope all those in attendance had a great time, and we have posted photos of the event!

DSC_0448DSC_0385 DSC_0391 DSC_0393 DSC_0395 DSC_0397 DSC_0403 DSC_0409 DSC_0421 DSC_0427 DSC_0429

Pillole/ L’uso del trapassato prossimo


Questo articolo tutto al passato ci offre l’occasione di parlare del trapassato prossimo, un tempo che si usa per esprimere un’azione passata accaduta prima di un’altra. Prima di vedere come si usa il trapassato prossimo vediamo come si forma.

Il trapassato prossimo si forma con l’imperfetto degli ausiliari essere o avere + il particpio passato.

Es: Mangiare= io avevo mangiato, tu avevi mangiato….

      Andare= io fui andato, tu fosti andato…

      Essere= io ero stato, tu eri stato…

      Avere = io avevo avuto, tu avevi avuto…

 Come e quando si usa il trapassato prossimo.

Abbiamo detto all’inizio che il trapassato prossimo serve per esprimere un’azione passata accaduta prima di un’altra. Quest’ultima può essere espressa:

Al passato remoto

Es: Mi disse di aprire la scatola quando l’avevo già conservata.

Al passato prossimo

Es: Ho mangiato il gelato dopo che avevo mangiato la pizza.


Es: Mario…

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La Città Eterna

Another chapter of our From students to students! Today Mariko, a Japanese Rome enthusiast, describes the Eternal City in her own, very poetic, words.

Read the full article on Kappa Language School’s website.

10 Italian deliciousnesses in one video

We just found this interesting (and very well made) video on youtube, made by The Perennial Plate, an amazing blog about sustainable eating.

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