A laughter will bury you all – on how romans are coping with their disfunctional city

There has been a lot of fuss these days about an article that appeared in the New York Times, which revealed a disturbing truth about Rome. For Roman readers, the article may have sounded something like: “Good morning American friends! Here is a revolutionary fact about the discovery of hot water!”; the second reaction was surely a combination of shame, sadness and embarrassment.

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My Most Beloved Restaurant in Rome


Rome is one of my favorite cities in the whole world. The history, the people, the food; everything about it is enchanting. Most of my nights in this wonderful city were spent sitting outside some bustling restaurant, drinking wine and people-watching.

Beautiful Rome at night

I have been to Rome twice and on both occasions, I made sure to visit La Forchetta d’Oro, my favorite restaurant in the city. Located near the Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore, this restaurant is inexpensive and has a quaint, cozy feeling to it. With only about 15 tables, it’s a great way to unwind and find some peace after a long day of sight-seeing around the city.

My first time in Rome was during the summer of 2013, and my second time was during the summer of 2014. This restaurant was recommended to us by the receptionist of the hotel we were staying at…

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Supereroi come guide turistiche. L’app creata da un undicenne (B1-B2)


Giuseppe Voto lavora alla sua Applicazione Giuseppe Voto lavora alla sua Applicazione

Fumetti, tecnologia e turismo. A metterli insieme in un’applicazione originale e intelligente è stato Giuseppe Voto, il più giovane sviluppatore italiano che, a soli undici anni, si è aggiudicato il premio come miglior talento dell’Energy Interaction Machine di Edison. Nella sede del colosso dell’energia, tra sviluppatori tutto occhiali e cervello e designer eccentrici, c’era anche Giuseppe, che come regalo per la promozione in seconda media ha chiesto ai genitori di accompagnarlo a Milano per partecipare al concorso di Edison e creare un’applicazione che rendesse più smart la propria città. La sua intraprendenza e la sua creatività sono state premiate. UnusualPlanet, la sua App, è piaciuta a tal punto ai membri delle giuria che gli hanno assegnato il premio come miglior talento 2015.

fumetti (comics – bandes dessines) sviluppatore (developer – développeur) si è aggiudicato (won – a remporté) occhiali (glasses – lunettes) seconda…

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Barking dogs don’t bite

Dogs, cats, birds, gold fishes… it’s becoming increasingly common for Italian people to keep animals at home and a growing number of Italians consider their cat or dog not just a pet but a member of the family. Most people choose a dog due to its loyalty and intelligence. Usually dogs, even the small varities, provide their owners with a feeling of protection. So if your dog barks maybe something unusual is going on… But don’t be afraid to get close to it, can che abbia non morde (barking dogs don’t bite)!


If the cat is away, we begin to dance!

And if you are planning to add a new pet to the family and are thinking to get a cat, please think twice and remember the old saying essere come cane e gatto (to fight like cat and dog). Regarding the cat, it’s known to be a smart and clever animal. That’s why quando il gatto non c’è i topi ballano (while the cat’s away the mice will play).

Otherwise, if you hate noises and are looking for a calm animal, I think a gold fish could be the right solution for you. Your fish will keep you company and you could talk to it about anything… it will remain muto come un pesce (quiet as a mouse)!

A goldfish in fishbowl on white background

Don’t worry, I will keep your secrets!

Some people prefer to get a bird, maybe because birds are known to be extremely intelligent and very social. Ok, it’s true, you can spend a lot of time interacting with it, but don’t forget that birds love freedom and maybe someday your bird could become un uccel di bosco (to be nowhere to be found) and leave you alone…

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