Primavalle Market

Our Life in the Boot

primavalle-2Neil was so sweet to let me have a morning to myself not that long ago. I knew exactly what was in order—a trip to my favorite mercatino usato, Portobello Rome, which is only a short walk from our home. But it was early, and caffe was calling. After the usual cornetto and cappuccino, I decided to explore  our neighborhood market that I had been wanting to explore for months. Primavalle is a simple area, but packed full with about 300,000 people and I’m pretty sure we might be the only American family living in this area as well.

You won’t find Primavalle marked off as a tourist destination either. There aren’t any major sites to see here. It’s a place where regular italians live everyday life. They are meeting in bars to kick back an espresso and catch up on the latest neighborhood news. They are stopping to say ciao to…

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