Alla guida – a language lesson for those who want to get their driving licence in Italy

If you think that Italians cannot drive (at least not politely) and that in Italy traffic laws are considered as mere suggestions to drivers who otherwise are used to act like cavemen… you might be right.

Nevertheless, Italy does have traffic laws, sometimes even tricky, and Italian, as any other language, has a whole section of its vocabulary about the semantic field of driving. So, if you are an expat, an au pair or a student living in Italy and you intend to get your driving licence here, you might want to learn some very important word that could get you behind the wheel.

Click here for a whole new and original Italian Language Lesson about driving and respecting traffic laws in Italy… Enjoy!

Espressioni idiomatiche

My Rosetta Stone

In tutte le lingue esistono espressioniidiomatiche, spesso non traducibili da una lingua all’altra. Per sentirsi veramente padroni di una lingua è quindi importante conoscere gli idiomi.

Iniziamo oggi con alcuni veramente semplici, legati al cibo. Avete gli stessi anche nella vostra lingua? Condivideteli con me!

  • Starci come i cavoli a merenda = Qualcosa non opportuna.

Esempio: Per gli italiano il cappuccino durante i pasti ci sta come i cavoli a merenda. Infatti gli italiani prendono il cappuccino solo a colazione o a merenda.

  • Molto fumo e poco arrosto = Persona o cosa che malgrado le apparenze non vale niente

Esempio: Gli italiani pensano che il governo Renzi sia molto fumo e poco arrosto. Infatti molti italiani pensano che il Primo Ministro parli molto ma agisca poco.


  • Come il cacio sui maccheroni = Arrivare al momento giusto, a proposito.

Esempio: La tua osservazione è come il cacio sui…

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Questions Americans have for Italians, and Italians have for Americans, and anybody has for anybody

Assuming you are genuinely into Italy and Italian, you should have been inevitably exposed to this video created by Buzzfeed:

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Aesop dedicates a love letter to the discovery of Italian Culture

The Fashion Plate Magazine

GL1509-1815-SEPTEMBER-NEWSLETTER-ARTICLE-BANNER-700x437px-FA-1_14Australian body-care brand Aesop recently opened their first Italian skin-care store in Milan.  In addition to the launch, Aesop created an online website dedicated to their presence in Italy including a love letter (of sorts) dedicated to discovering the rich history and beauty of the Italian culture.  

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