10 Very Innocent Italian Words You Need To Use Carefully

Every language has its own puns and double meanings, but for language students it is always tricky to find out when they are accidently embarassing themselves by using innocent words in inappropriate contexts.
Here’s a list of 10 very innocent Italian Words you might want to use carefully while you’re in the process of learning italian.

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7 thoughts on “10 Very Innocent Italian Words You Need To Use Carefully

    • Never too late!
      It would be also interesting to analyze also the diaphasic variation of some synonyms: far from being puns or foul words, some expressions or terms are simply inappropriate for a specific communicative context. It happens to me all the time when I speak English with friends and unwillingly sound like Sir Walter Scott…

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    • Hello Camille and thank you for your message!

      I am very sorry you’re feeling *irritated*, but I honestly don’t see how this article (which btw was supposed to be parodistic) can be defined “vague”: the meaning of each word is well explained, maybe you just need to read more carefully. 😀

      However, the post wasn’t meant to give you words *not to be used*, but words *you need to use carefully* (as stated in the title): the choice of using them, and in which context, depends on your personal sensibility.

      That said, in one regard you’re right: I tried to explain the meaning of nsfw words in a sfw way, and this might have caused some explanation to be unclear. Sorry about that!


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