An Expat’s Thoughts On Italy

I have lived in Rome for almost nine months now, and this is a beautiful place with quite a different culture. One of my friends recently asked me what I think of Italy as an expat living in Italy and I couldn’t answer him right away. I decided to write it out considering that this is the best way to express what I am thinking. So I am sharing it here so that everyone can see. What I think is not representative of what all expats think, these are just my observances and opinions…

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4 thoughts on “An Expat’s Thoughts On Italy

  1. I found myself nodding sagely and laughing whilst reading this Andrea. Wherea s I have only spent 4 days in Rome, I go to Mestre (Venice regularly eo stay with Italian friends. You have really hit the nail on the head. Like you, I am nt a slave to fashion but like to dress reasonably well as a 66 year old man. I look how they do things but any attempt at copying just makes me look as if I have thrown together oddments from a charity shop. Just WHAT is it they do? I won’t even talk about food as eating and cooking authentic is a passion and again, you have it in a nutshell! Great article!!!!

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    • I’m so sorry for the late reply Pete! I’m happy you liked the article so much! I want to visit Venice but haven’t myself had a chance. And as for fashion sense, sometimes I think that they are just born with it, like instinct! Haha thank you for commenting!


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