Scena di vita quotidiana – dalla parrucchiera

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Affresco della Lingua Italiana

dalla parrucchiera

Ciao, ragazzi!

Nel nostro post precedente abbiamo visto che cosa dobbiamo fare se ci troviamo all’aeroporto, come facciamo il check-in, come ritiriamo i biglietti per imbarcare, ecc. Oggi faremo un giro dalla parrucchiera e impareremo a chiedere, per esempio, quanto costa fare il taglio, il colore, la piega, nonché alcuni termini utili che possiamo usare in queste situazioni. Siete pronti?

Sentite l’audio alla fine del testo!

Anna e Francesca hanno deciso di farsi tagliare i capelli e di cambiare il colore, pertanto cercano su Internet il parrucchiere più vicino a casa loro.

Anna – Ecco! Ne ho trovato uno a una decina di minuti da qui in macchina.
Francesca – Come si chiama?
Anna – New Stile, e sembra che i prezzi siano convenienti. Adesso chiamo e chiedo se è possibile prenotare un orario di pomeriggio.
Francesca – Va bene, chiama.

parrucchieraChiamata in corso…

Parrucchiera – New Stile, buon giorno!

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Infographic: physical descriptions in Italian

Le descrizioni in italiano

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Musings in a roman church

I step through the worn wooden doorway and am greeted by a rush of air that caresses my cheek. The candles that hang in lanterns cast a soft illumination, and I breathe the warm scent of old incense. I can hear the laughter of my friends drift down to hushed whispers as I lead the way in, bowing my head to the statue of Jesus that watches over those who have entered. As I raise my eyes, the calm atmosphere brings my aching heart a bit of comfort. In these last intense weeks of college finals, saying goodbye to the study-abroads, and packing up for the summer, this tranquil place gives me a sense of peace…

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Infographic: l’automobile in italiano!

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Italian food haikus

This one is definitely a new one. When the idea was first suggested to me, I laughed my butt off until I realized that my editor was serious. He wanted me to write what? You read the title right folks; these are haikus about Italian food. I apologize to any of my readers who are poetry lovers, because I cannot claim to be even remotely good at poetry. My strength lies in storytelling, not poetry. But with that said, read on at your own risk. Please blame my editor for whatever damage these poems may do to your mind.

Olive taggiasche

olive_taggiascheOlives are a great snack food that I love getting from the fresh market. In Italy they come in these huge barrels and you just fish them out. They are extremely healthy for you. The oil they produce is a staple of Italian cooking, and is present in every Italian kitchen in large quantities. So here is a little poem for our ever-present friend, the olive!

“A great midday snack
Nature’s chewy vitamin
But beware the pit!”

Penne all’arrabbiata

arrabbiataNext up is my personal favorite, penne all’arrabbiata. This dish is akin to the ramen noodles of the Italian culture. Every college student knows how to make it and its relatively simple to make. I personally love this dish, and for those of you who don’t know what it is, its simply tomato sauce but with hot pepper flakes.

“Oh my god, my mouth!
I think I just ate the sun!
Waiter? Please bring more!”

Pizza Margherita

Pizza Margherita

The next is Pizza Margherita. Now this is what I assume the Italian version of chicken nuggets are in America. If you have absolutely no idea what to get, or you are an extremely picky eater, this pizza is always a safe choice. Its pretty hard to screw up and its almost always amazing. This was the only thing I ate when I first came to Italy.

“It makes mouths water,
Eatable display of the flag,
a chefs masterpiece!”


tiramisu-bimbyThe last poem is about one of the most classic Italian desserts there is: Tiramisù. I love this dish, and though I have yet to perfect it in my own kitchen, I am not about to give up. In this great dish, the Italians have combined coffee, pastry, chocolate, and cream into one great mix of perfection. I applaud whoever came up with this dish.

“A sweet aroma,
And a delicate coffee taste.
Creamy perfection!”

Ok, now you don’t really have to comment the poems themselves, do you? Just post your thoughts on these fantastic dishes in the comment section! 😉