Learn italian words: le “faccine”!

The internet, we all know, has simplified our lives allowing us to communicate instantaneously covering huge distances at the speed of a click. It has also created a new, interesting paralanguage, made of little funny faces we all know under the name of emoticons (faccine in Italian internet slang), the meaning of which is universal as well as human emotions are. This, for an Italian language student, might make things very much easier, but being aware of the Italian words hidden beneath the smiley is definitely something useful.

We know you’re eager to start chatting in Italian with your penfriends or your Italian Language School friends, but just take a minute to check this new infographic translating for you the most common faccine in Italian!



Infografica: parole a scuola!

Wecolme back to school! But, hey, how are you supposed to enjoy your Italian Language Classes if you are not even able to name the objects around you?

As usual, we are here to help: here’s a new infographic about all the italian words you can find… in a classroom!

Infografica: parole a scuola - Italian language words about school
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Infografica: il tempo atmosferico in Italiano!

Italy is definitely becoming a tropical country: sudden, heavy rains alternate with hot, humid days, leaving Italians dumbfounded. You definitely need some Italian Language vocabulary to point this out!

Well, you must fear not, since we’re here to help you, fellow Italian Language student! Here’s a brand new infographic to celebrate our comeback from summer holidays, and it’s all about Italian words to describe weather. From now on weather forecasts in Italian won’t be a mystery to you!

Il tempo atmosferico in Italiano!

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Infographic: le parole della montagna

Are you a beach person or a mountain person?
Honestly, I have always preferred the feeling of fresh, pure breeze gently blowing through an alpine valley over the heat and the overcrowding of a popular beach. But this, I know, is just personal taste.
Nevertheless, I am pretty sure many of you are going to spend their summer holidays visiting lovely mountain villages, sorrounded by majestic peaks and pristine nature! And if you want to do it in Italy, well we have plenty of wonderful locations you might want to visit, both on the Alps and on the Apennines.
Before embarking on the adventure, though, you might want to learn at least the basics of Italian vocabulary related to mountains and trekking; for that purpose, here’s to you a new infographic to learn everything useful about Italian Language… on a mountain top!

lnfographic: Italian words related to mountain holidays

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Learn Italian words: il calcio in italiano, an infographic!

Euro 2016 is over, sadly without the Azzurri who have lost an endless match against Germany. The hosting team France has been defeated by an heroic Portugal (with no Cristiano Ronaldo!) and we would lie if we say that we are unpleased by the final result.

Now, as you might know football in Italy is everything, and we really want you to be able to enjoy it… in Italian! Here’s a brand new infographic about Italian words for the second Italian religion: il calcio!

Learn italian words: il calcio in italiano, an infographic!

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Infographic: physical descriptions in Italian

Describing is one of the most common and important communicative acts of all, and physical descriptions are always one of the thoughest obstacles an Italian Language Student has to overcome when approaching this wonderful language. The sheer nature of italian inflection, in both verbs and nouns, together with the range of vocabulary a student has to learn, often turn the task of simply describing a person into an embarassing experience.

But since we really love you and we want you to communicate effectively in Italian even at the first stages of your learning experience, here’s to you a brand new infographic about physical descriptions in Italian.


Le descrizioni in italiano

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Infographic: Italian Pronouns

Italian Language Students have a nightmare, and this nightmare has a name: pronomi. We have already seen how misusing them can generate, in the worst case scenario, embarassing puns, but italian pronouns are also one of the main constituent of an italian sentence, being used quite often by natives even in marked constructions (such as l’hai preso il pane? in which the pronoun lo stands for pane). Now, you can learn all this and more by joining of our Italian Language Courses, but why not getting an early start?

So here’s an infographic about italian pronomi and their use and position. Enjoy, leave a comment and please share!


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