7 Reasons to Love Italian

7 reasons are more than enough to come to Italy and start studying 😀

Prayers and Piazzas


We study Italian because we want to, not because we need to. Because the music of the language moves us to learn it, to engage in this “impracticality”, to throw some of our precious time to the wind and do something simple for the pleasure of being able to pronounce words like piacere.

–From “Why Study Italian?” on Not Just Another Dolce Vita

When I first began studying Italian five years ago, I did so in secret. My husband and kids knew, but outside of the fortress of my family, I kept the studying to myself.

Why would I do this? I was proud of my Italian heritage, and excited about a long-awaited trip to Italy that was finally on the books. But being a mom of three younger kids at the time, learning Italian felt so…unnecessary. Quirky. Indulgent.

“But is it such a bad thing to live like…

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The Basic Rules of Italian Food

To be learned by heart!

Once Upon a Time in Italy

I wanted to write a post about Italian food rules—everything from the when to drink cappuccino to the correct way to eat your spaghetti (I’ll tell you now: no cutting!). However, I’m far from being an authority. So I went to a friend and fellow blogger, Paolo Rigiroli of Disgraces on the Menu, who is a bona fide italiano living in Canada. He had an even better idea.

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Word of the Week Wednesday- Imparare

From students to students: a list of Italian Words that sound really fun!

Gelato Days and Prosecco Nights

Bentornato!  Welcome back!

I hope you are having a fabulous hump day! …Hmmm… That kind of sounds wrong doesn’t it?

Comunque!  This week I want to share a few words that I think are really fun if you are an English speaker, but to be honest, they don’t fit into any fun story from my week.  In fact, it’s been a pretty tame week due mostly to the rainy weather here and the fact that I’m really a 65 year old lady in a 28 year old’s body.  It’s not a problem until they ask in class (as they do every day) ‘what did you do last night/this weekend/before class?’.  At least my answers are more interesting than ‘non lo so’ and ‘dormire’ which is what everyone else in the class says.  Maybe it’s just because I am so determined to be good at this language and to practice, but…

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Italian Language Flash Cards


Englishman in Italy

I have just finished my third Italian lesson, whoop whoop whoop!! Driving home I considered either uploading the recording as I struggled to read the latest passage which was full of ‘gli’ and ‘gn’ words or uploading the amazingly long list of verbs I have been instructed to learn.


I know some of you read my little blog, because it contains very sensible information onItaly, for example my post on the cost of living in Italy (Link) …. which I have to add is rising.

For those who are desperately trying to learn the language and are struggling just like me, here are some flash cards I have produced to help you.

Italian Flash Card Wine

Italian Language Flash Card

Flash Card Italian

Flash Card Italian Language

Police Italian Flash Card

Have a great weekend…. PN Ohhhh PS. I nearly forgot to put a link to my KickStart project click here

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All the things you didn’t know you didn’t know…

This article about cicoria, warm carpets, pomegranades, figs, kindness and learning Italian is simply delicious. 🙂

Truly, Madly, Italy

Well there’s a title that will do absolutely nothing for SEO! But you know what, I don’t care, because this is my blog and I’ll write what I want to! And this time I’d like to write about some of the things I didn’t know I didn’t know, and I didn’t even necessarily want to know, but you know what? – now i know them, I’m enriched, emboldened, enlightened…maybe! Living in Italy has blessed me (I use that word loosely) with so many unexpected ‘unknowns’ that I sometimes feel I’m a different person having been here for nearly 2 years.

So, here are a few things I didn’t know I didn’t know (there may be several fruit and veg references here, bear with, bear with…):-

  1. All about pomegranates. Now there’s a fruit. Cricket-ball like, pink/yellow in colour, absolutely massive (think large grapefruit-size), excrutiatingly hard to extract juice from (I have seen…

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A Journey through Italy with Pasta

We’re looking forward to reading the recipes checklist region by region!

Once Upon a Time in Italy

I’m going on a pasta journey to discover Italy’s cuisine.

Italy’s culinary diversity has always surprised me. I learned about it back in Italian classes in college before I’d studied abroad. “Every region has its own traditions and dishes,” our professor said. I understood her words, but I didn’t fully comprehend her meaning until I started living in Italy.

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