Learn Italian words: il corpo umano

The vocabulary related to human body is always one of the toughest challenges for an Italian language student, since usually this particular semantic area is full of false friends and very specific words which seem to have no relation with their Gemanic equivalents.
As usual, Kappa Language School is here to help: we have prepared a brand new infographic whic will guide you through the discover of a new bit of Italian language!

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Infographic: physical descriptions in Italian

Le descrizioni in italiano

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“Ma che parli arabo?” – Again, on the presence of arabisms in the Italian vocabulary

As a group of professionals working in the field of integration and language exchange, we couldn’t remain unmoved before the tragedy that occurred two days ago in Paris. Instead of taking any position or expressing any opinion, which would be both inappropriate and redundant for a blog like ours, we will do what we always did: we will try to show that language is the core of communication and the highest tool for integration deviced by human beings, and how we can improve the understanding and the acceptance of others even just by browsing our own vocabulary. The following article, written some time ago by one of our teachers, is an enjoyable dissertation on the imposing presence of arabisms in the italian lexicon: just a small reminder of our origins and our history.

“Chi è senza passato non ha futuro”.

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