An Expat’s Thoughts On Italy

I have lived in Rome for almost nine months now, and this is a beautiful place with quite a different culture. One of my friends recently asked me what I think of Italy as an expat living in Italy and I couldn’t answer him right away. I decided to write it out considering that this is the best way to express what I am thinking. So I am sharing it here so that everyone can see. What I think is not representative of what all expats think, these are just my observances and opinions…

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Atrocity exhibition: Italians according to stock photography

This article will show a selection results a standard user can get by typing “italians stock photo” on Google. For your convenience, we will divide the photos in few categories, each one carrying a slice of how Italians are seen from abroad.

This is the way, step inside…


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Questions Americans have for Italians, and Italians have for Americans, and anybody has for anybody

Assuming you are genuinely into Italy and Italian, you should have been inevitably exposed to this video created by Buzzfeed:

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